Formula Analyzer

alpha 1August 4, 2019 First Version.
When you enter a formula, you obtains a text showing the list of permutations and orientation changes (twists and flips) on the cubelets.
Graphic visualisation on the cube for formulas acting on Up or Up and Right faces.
Curved arrows show edges and corners permutations. Corner and Edge orientations are symbolically represented by circular arcs (upside down if anticlockwise rotations).
Metrics like number of quarters of turns or numbers of moves (a move can be a quarter of turn or a half of turn), but also number of times you have to repeat the formula to cancel its effects.
Possibility to look for similar formulas ("similar" meaning formulas having the same effects on all cubelets except center faces).
Only 23 formulas in the database.
alpha 2August 18, 2019 Better layout for the page (with some colors).
Visualisation of the cube in any case (but still optimzed for Up face and Up and Right faces). The cube can now show colors (3 options: no color, yellow only or all colors)
Metrics are now accurate if cube rotations are involved.
Corners and edges orientations have now a more intuitive representation.
You can filter what you want to display (example: display corner permutation only)
There is now more flexibility in the definition of similar formulas (you can choose if the similar formulas should have the same edge orientation, and/or the same edge permutation and/or the same corner orientation etc.)
139 formulas in the database (OLL and PLL with variations)
alpha 3August 30, 2019 Changes in the layout. Now most of the displayed elements are in tables.
3 new informations are displayed:
- unsliced formula where M, S, E but also f, b, r, l, u, d, m, s, e are replaced by x, y, z followed by regular face turns
- formula w/o xyx where x, y, z are replaced changing points of view for the following rotations (but slice-turns are not removed)
- canonic formula that combine both transformations: only F, B, R, L, U and D rotations are used.
This history had been added.
alpha 4September 2, 2019 Fixed metrics for QTM and HTM in case of M, S or E rotations.
When searching similar formulas, you have now 3 values for each criteria (such as "edge orientation"): "same", "any" and "none". "None" is a new one.
The html page now accept the formula as a "f" parameter, and all the displayed formulas, when coming from the database, now have a hyperlink.
alpha 5September 7, 2019 New layout for the checkboxes (display parameters) and radio buttons (search parameters).
Added some presets (like OLL, PLL...) for the search parameters.
The links on formulas inside the page have been replaced by javascript functions to avoid page reloads.
Fixed a bug when two consecutive rotations acted on the same face